Azure AI 900 Experience and Guidance for others.

Azure AI 900 Experience and Guidance for others.

My personal experience on giving the AI 900 examination and how you can prepare for it.

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Ganesh Tiwari
·Nov 23, 2021·

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Azure AI 900 examination is a Microsoft Certification for certifying that you know basics of how AI services provided by Azure works and how you can utilize them under different conditions and that you know about what to use when you have a certain kind of AI you want to introduce.

I had given this examination with the help of an examination voucher that I got after attending a Microsoft Virtual Training day. It is a great way to prepare for the examination as well. The trainers talk about anything that is going to be on the paper and also go through common examples about how you would do things. You can search for different Microsoft Virtual Training day events here Microsoft Events Website

After attending the event you get a email congratulating you about completing the event and the voucher gets attached to the email address with which you had attended the event. You can then go to Microsoft Certification dashboard and then select the examination that you want to take and then you can apply the voucher while selecting the payment option.

One thing that I didn't like about the whole process was the Pearson OnVue software through which the examination was happening was not supported on my Linux Machine and I had to go out of my way and install Windows just for the sake of taking an Examination. I strongly recommend Microsoft to find some way with which this can be handled in a better way. I love my Linux machines and don't want to change OS's just for taking an examination.

Apart from that the questions in the examination were fairly simple and only asked about things like which service should you use while designing a system for something. Like in questions a situation was mentioned and they were asking which Azure Service would you use to build a sustainable solution.

The whole examination was a breeze and I completed it in under 25 minutes. I had watched half of FreeCodeCamp's video on the topic Azure AI Fundamentals Certification (AI-900) - Full Course to PASS the Exam and I completely enjoyed as well as learnt a lot from the video. I recommend giving it a watch if you are preparing for it and have limited time on your hand.

After the examination ended I had the result on my screen and I passed with 790 marks out of 1000 and I was very glad that I was able to achieve it. I plan on taking more certificates in the upcoming days and eye the AZ-400 as my goal for the upcoming days.

I will keep writing these blogs as and when I complete taking those exams and thanks for giving this read. I hope it helps you in the process.

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